ETIPWind online workshop – September 14

10 de September, 2020




Offshore wind energy is at the core of how Europe can go carbon-neutral. Europe needs up to 450 GW of offshore wind by 2050. This is 20 times more than the 20 GW installed today. It will make offshore wind a crucial pillar in the energy mix, together with onshore wind. To deliver this Europe needs a visionary and pan-European approach with significant investments in Research & Innovation in offshore technologies.

On 14 September experts from the industry and the research community will discuss the technology pathways to deliver this 450 GW of offshore wind in Europe. Together with the participants they will identify how to scale-up offshore technology and successfully install and exploit these large volumes of offshore wind.

Take a look at the agenda!

The ETIPWind online workshop is organised together with the EERA Joint Programme on Wind Energy (JP Wind) and SETWind as part of their 2020 online conference.

Please note: Do not forget to choose “ETIPWind workshop (September 14)”. Attendance is free of charge. Do not miss the opportunity to join!

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