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Here you can download TWIND public deliverables and other documents related to the project.


Final workshop stakeholders engagement – WavEC Annual Seminar
Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Presentations for download and videos available on the WavEC website



Offshore Wind Supply Chain in Portugal
April, 6 2022

Presentations for download: The TWIND Project (by WavEC), TWIND Stakeholders engagement (by TECNALIA), DNV, EDP NEW – Ocean Wind, SENER and ENDIPREV



Funding opportunities for Offshore Wind in Europe: HORIZON EUROPE
Friday, May 14, 2021

Presentations available for download
Webinar (YouTube link)



Funding opportunities for Offshore Wind projects in Europe
Wed, Sep 30, 2020

Presentations available for download
Webinar (YouTube link)



D2.1 – A project plan for funding applications

D2.2 – A portfolio of future R&D project definitions

D2.3 – Think-Tank Summary

D2.4 – Senior Staff Exchange Summary

D2.5 – A compendium of joint research publications

D3.1 – Personal development plan for the ESRs, compiled with the support of their mentors

D3.2 – Report on the summer schools

D3.3 – Report on online training tutorial

D3.4 – Report on the secondment activities

D4.1 – Stakeholder engagement plan

D4.2 – Report with materials from the workshops

D4.3 – Technology action plan

D5.1 – Dissemination plan

D5.2 – TWIND project website

D5.3 – Dissemination materials